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Our Value to Governments.

Even though we are privately-owned, some of the projects in our pipeline offer solutions that interface with local or national governments, and require investment. Our team is experienced in managing trade and investment relations between private sector players, government organisations and investors seeking to work together to achieve common objectives. We carry out in-depth due diligence on all parties to streamline engagement, and provide strategic, financial, legal and technological advisory and consulting where required.

Our Process for Governments.


On behalf of the institution you represent, please complete the needs assessment HERE prior to our 1st meeting. This assessment helps us have targeted and productive consultations.




Upon completing the needs assessment, a member of our team will get in touch with the contact person to schedule a virtual deep-dive into the needs.



During the consultation, should we agree that our value is a good fit for your institution's needs, our legal team will be engaged to prepare the necessary legal paperwork for engagement.

Time and relationships are our most valuable assets. We eliminate the need for unnecessary meetings that eat into stakeholder productivity. We leverage technology for needs assessments and initial meetings prior to any in-person meetings, which allow us to engage with different jurisdictions efficiently.



Based on signed agreements, we will assign a dedicate Advisor to manage all stakeholder engagements for the duration of our engagement.