man in black and white long sleeve shirt
man in black and white long sleeve shirt

About Us.

We are a boutique venture-building firm helping innovative ventures in Africa and the Caribbean structure for efficiency, position for profit, prepare for investment and raise capital for growth and scale. We work with both private and public sector organisations leveraging technology to solve pressing challenges for companies, communities and countries.

Driven by a shared passion for supporting industry transformation in Africa as part of the 4th industrial revolution, our group leverages our team's collective years of international experience working in Fortune 100 companies and multinationals like Goldman Sachs, Marriott International, Mærsk, ComzAfrica, building ventures and consulting across different sectors and markets.

What Drives Us.

Both private and public sector organisations in Africa face a number of challenges as they seek sustainable competitiveness - limited resources, lack of expertise, and difficulty navigating the often-complex process of securing investment. Terra Preta Group helps address these challenges by providing the resources, expertise and support needed to succeed.

The demand for our services is driven by the increasing number of such organisations seeking support to scale and expand. Africa's infrastructure needs alone are between $130 and $170 billion per year. When it comes to the 44+ million micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are operating in Sub-Saharan Africa offering 80% of jobs, the funding gap is colossal.

There is a strong need to increase structured, systematic and sustainable support to drive sectoral transformation, create more jobs, and generate economic growth. Our commitment to being change-makers and making an impact in this space makes us the ideal partner for both organisations seeking investment and investors seeking opportunities.

Our Team.


Gad Mutaganzwa
Gad Mutaganzwa
Noreen Makosewe
Noreen Makosewe

Co-founder & Director of Partnerships and Business Development


Co-founder & Director of Strategy & Investments

Ronnie Samuel
Ronnie Samuel

Co-founder & Director of Innovation & High-Value Asset Monetization


Partner & Senior Advisor, Nigeria

In addition to our combined years of experience working internationally, our team consists of entrepreneurs with a track record of successfully launching and scaling businesses across Africa, as well as preparing and bridging founders with suitable financing.


Executive Assistant

Clotilde Radebe
Clotilde Radebe

Partner & Senior Advisor, SADC Region

Contact Us.

If you're interested in learning more about our work, have a business you need help with, or are interested in investing in our pipeline, we'd love to hear from you.