Supporting Innovation.
Transforming Industries.

We help innovative ventures in Africa and the Caribbean structure for efficiency, position for profit, prepare for investment and raise capital for growth and scale.

Clients We Work With.


Through our tried-and-tested selection process, we work with promising organisations with the potential to become industry leaders providing these organisations with resources and support to achieve their strategic goals.


We make deal-sourcing in Africa easier for Africa-based and international investors - angel, venture capital, private equity and financial institutions - doing the legwork so they do not have to and managing relations with portfolio companies.


Most of Africa’s small-to-medium enterprise (SME) ecosystems are organised under agencies and associations to create enabling environments and support structures for business growth. We help agencies and associations support SMEs through organised strategy, technology, and market expansion.


Our team is experienced in managing trade and investment relations between private sector players, government organisations and investors seeking to work together to achieve common objectives.

We work with both private and public sector organisations leveraging innovative technologies to solve pressing challenges for companies, communities and countries.

Our Value to Africa's Investment Ecosystem.

We make deal-sourcing in Africa simpler for international investors, doing the legwork so they do not have to. Our deals are vetted and prepared to absorb millions and billions of dollars in capital. We handle the local due diligence and negotiations working in partnership with internationally recognised and award-winning law firms, and financial services partners.

people in conference
people in conference


Min. Ticket: $1.5M

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your investment goals in Africa. Let us begin with a no-obligation consultation to learn more about your needs and capacity so we can make the right recommendations based on the opportunities in our pipeline or our on-the-ground experience.

Bigger deals go above $1Bn+. Speak to us for more info.

Partial View of Deals in Our Pipeline.

Our deal pipeline includes investment opportunities in different industries and different African jurisdictions. Our years of experience makes us the ideal partner for your next investment project. We won't shy away from a challenge, but also know how to manage risks. Contact us today to learn more.

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What Drives Us.

Both private and public sector organisations in Africa face a number of challenges as they seek sustainable competitiveness - limited resources, lack of expertise, and difficulty navigating the often-complex process of securing investment. Terra Preta Group helps address these challenges by providing the resources, expertise and support needed to succeed.

The demand for our services is driven by the increasing number of such organisations seeking support to scale and expand. Africa's infrastructure needs alone are between $130 and $170 billion per year. When it comes to the 44+ million micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are operating in Sub-Saharan Africa offering 80% of jobs, the funding gap is colossal.

There is a strong need to increase structured, systematic and sustainable support to drive sectoral transformation, create more jobs, and generate economic growth. Our commitment to being change-makers and making an impact in this space makes us the ideal partner for both organisations seeking investment and investors seeking opportunities.

An Overview of Our Stakeholder Process.


Depending on needs, we ask each stakeholder to complete a pre-consultation needs assessment to help us prepare adequately for productive consultation calls.




Upon completing the needs assessment, stakeholders are prompted to select a suitable date and time for a consultation call, which is done virtually via telephone or video call.



During the consultation, should we agree that our value is a good match for your organisation, we engage our team to prepare the necessary paperwork for review and signing.

We leverage the power of our networks to identify opportunities in different high-growth sectors in Africa. We also nurture an ecosystem that includes like-minded partners and investors who share our values. In exchange for access to our expertise and resources, clients can opt to either make us an equity partner or hire us Advisors or Consultants.



Once all the paperwork is processed, we assign a dedicated Advisor and Relationship Manager to initiate and manage all our engagements for the term of the agreement(s).

Our Partners.

To effectively support our valued clients and investors, we need the best partners. We work with some of the best when it comes to legal, financial services and management consulting to achieve sophisticated results.

Contact Us.

If you're interested in learning more about our work, have a business you need help with, or are interested in investing in our pipeline, we'd love to hear from you.